Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-  , Logistics and Supply Chains Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- , Logistics and Supply Chains Management

At UMS, We present our program of Logistics and Supply Chain Management to students who would like to take challenge in Business Administration world. Researches confirm that logistic operations studies are of vital importance to mega international companies to improve their performance and achieve the desired growth rates.

The program provides students with a wide range of skills in operations, logistics and supply management which are basic operations in the success of the companies, and qualify them to lead these processes in the career market after graduation.
The study in this program is not restricted to analysis of the markets and the movement of organizations logistically. Instead, it goes beyond that to the knowledge of all subjects relating to business administration, which by result will qualify the students to get the highest functional positions through indulging their creative part with necessary skills needed.
Through our distinctive curricula, we supplement our students with the analytical skills that meet and consider changes in world markets and developments of continuous movement companies need in logistic operations.  students acquire the analytical and problem solving capabilities needed in supply and logistics operations in line with the international standards. Additionally,  students will have the ability to link between parties in a distinctive way which is acquired by diversified researches of UMS
UMS graduation requirements:
A student will be awarded the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-  , Logistics and Supply Chains Management after completing 123 credit hours for 41 academic subjects spread over four academic years or eight semesters, that are distributed as below:
•    30 credit hours as general requirements.
•    54 mandatory credit hours of the requirements of the major program.
•    36 credit hours for business administration.
•    3 credit hours for apprenticeship in one of the local companies or foundations.