Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

UMS College of Business Administration provides the students with a solid and wide ground in the different areas of business, including business administration, entrepreneurship, financial accounting, law, corporate finance and financial management. Thus, programs will prepare the student to enter the business administration arena holding the academic knowledge and able to analyze and plan to get the expected success.
  BA in Business Administration focuses mainly on research methodologies and processes in Business Administration and entrepreneurship fields, and it works on developing students' skills in English language which is the medium of instruction language in all UMS Business Administration programs. Additionally, the program provides graduates with all economic laws needed to start their professional career.
UMS teaching staff work regularly on curricula development relating to Business Administration to be updated in UMS annual catalogue as well, and set the basic guidelines by the beginning of every academic year.
 The Business Administration program has been tailored for the purpose of providing the market with competent graduates who are capable of proving themselves in a very short time through implementing the theatrical information and the researches they have done under the supervision of professional and experienced teaching staff