Bachelor of Tourism Studies - specialty of tourist guiding


Tourism guiding is considered one of the most enjoyable careers in tourism world in terms of knowledge, the ability to communicate with others, shedding the light on history and present and talking about future with all confidence.

 Faculty of Science tourism guidance program provides students who want to go deeply in the field of practical tourism, which depends on the talent in the presentation, recitation and knowledge of all the details. All these factors generate a permanent passion for the research to access all the information of interest to tourists.


Through tourism guiding programs, we provide easy, comprehensive, interesting and useful subjects, which enable the student after passing them to be an efficient tour guide, who is able to be in tourism market effectively. Also, we provide our student with the other related tourism sciences which enable him to have the knowledge of tourism industry in general not only tourism guiding.

  The student will be awarded the bachelor’s degree after completing 126 credit hours for 42 academic subjects that are calculated as below:

  • 30 credit hours as general requirements.
  • 54 mandatory credit hours of the requirements of the major program.
  • 9 credit hours chosen elective programs.
  • 27 mandatory credit hours of public relation major where 6 credit hours of them represent a training program and a graduation project.
  • 6 credit hours as free electives.