Bachelor of Science in Tourism- Specialty of Planning and Tourism Development

Study Language is Arabic in basic 


This program provides the student with the scientific subjects necessary for lovers of tourism industry, which is considered one of the leading businesses in modern economy, and which UAE depends on in most of its emirates.

In UMS, faculty of Tourism sciences, we qualify our students to get tourism market courageously since they are able to analyze and study the market, then provide the needed plans and solutions which help improve tourism business. Thus, the student will gain the science-based knowledge which qualify him and make him ready to assume managerial positions in public and private tourism companies.


The student will be awarded the bachelor’s degree after completing 126 credit hours for 42 academic subjects that are calculated as below:

  • 30 credit hours as general requirements.
  • 66 mandatory credit hours of the requirements of the major program.
  • 9 credit hours chosen elective programs.
  • 27 mandatory credit hours of public relation major where 6 credit hours of them represent a training program and a graduation project.
  • 6 credit hours as free electives.