Campus facilities

Campus facilities


Campus Facilities

UMS campus offers students a Lobby area to meet their colleagues to get a coffee, food. The Student Lobby is located on the ground floor between Admission department and university cafeteria.
UMS provide seating areas, with various recreational equipments such as table tennis, billiards tables, and television.

Campus health & safety

The University clinic provides basic nursing care/ health advice and first aid in accordance to the professional regulations and practices. Serious cases are referred accordingly to local hospitals or chosen hospitals by the patients. The nurse reserves the right to all health information of every student or staff to provide nursing care effectively and accordingly. Any health concerns discussed with the nurse will be given full confidentiality.
The clinic undertakes primary roles as to providing first aid and/or emergency basic nursing care to sick or injured students/staff which would include generic medicines to minor illnesses and basic health check-ups.
The clinic provides health teachings or counselling to students and staff privately. It as well provides health education through infographics, or emails and personal visits as well. Students/staff can visit the clinic on personal basis for health concerns, which include pregnancy, diet or healthy lifestyle, acute/chronic diseases, and health advising for any health concerns. Health awareness are also conducted in accordance to UAE's schedule with activities, or by disseminating information through infographics all around the campus and emails for the faculty and staff.

Food Services

Auxiliary services for students at University Of Modern Sciences include Food Services and a Bookstore. Food services at UMS include three cafeterias, both of which are highly used as student study areas and faculty-student conversations.
Students and faculty in evening classes can find sandwiches, beverages and other snacks at the cafeteria which stays open until 8:30 pm.

UMS bookstore

UMS bookstore and printing and stationery services, operated by students services dept., serves the campus community by providing printing, educational supplies and materials, and appropriate student merchandise.

Prayer rooms:

Two Prayer rooms for male students and female students are located in the A Building