Evacuation training at UMS campus 26\7\2018

UMS and the General Civil Defense in Dubai held a fire drill and evacuation training at UMS campus on Thursday 26/7/2018.
The evacuation began after the Civil Defense Operations responded to a fire alarm at 11.30am .

The employees of the university began to evacuate the buildings, then all the concerned bodies (Civil Defense) reached and verified the evacuation of the university buildings from all students, faculty members, administrative staff and workers and then sent them to the specified assembly points in accordance with the safety procedures followed and determined in advance. They also trained to evacuate the wounded and Inserting and removing the equipment needed to extinguish the fire.

The Department of Civil Defense praised the response of all employees of the university to the instructions, where they carried out the eviction in a record time and complied with all instructions of prevention, safety, and security
Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, President of the University of Modern Sciences, praised the great role played by the Civil Defense Foundation in Dubai, which is a pioneer in the field of fire rescue and control in the Middle East. He also stressed the importance of cooperation between all educational and civil institutions, from fires, storms or other accidents. He also pointed out that the University of Modern Sciences is fully committed to the training of its staff and following the safety rules and procedures.