Alumni Vision and Mission

Vision :
  • This Association aims to promote consistent communication with the Alumni of UMS in an effort to enhance their status in the community and enable them contribute to its welfare in different domains.
  • To upgrade the capabilities of graduates in such a way as to effectively assist graduates participate in the development and progress of their country.

  • Make utmost benefit possible of the facilities provided by the university and ensure proper manipulation of its scientific utilities and social forums. Such efforts will support the association’s members and motivate them increase their know-how in various aspects.
  • Raise awareness among graduates concerning the importance of their role in developing curriculum blueprints by means of providing the university with feedbacks concerning the actual needs of the labor market. Moreover, light to be shed on whatever requirements found necessary to respond and keep a pace with recent and emerging needs of the community.
  • Provide graduates along the run with latest means of knowledge which should help them occupy the forefront manpower position in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Develop collective and orchestrated activities to achieve Association’s goals especially regarding issues of public and mutual concern.
  • Provide graduates with a proper forum to speak out their matters, concerns and aspirations.
  • Keep the graduate abreast with the academic on goings in order to exchange views and update his/her scientific know-how by making use of the various communication channels available between the Association and the university’s teaching cadres and students. The Association should save no effort to indulge graduates in any of its activities and events.
  • Ensure constant briefing on modern educational programs.