Express your love for UAE

Express your love for UAE
Khalifa Empowerment Program for Students (Aqdar) organizes the "Express your love for UAE" initiative. A public initiative dedicated to giving back to the UAE, and whose events and activities will run year round in all the nation’s emirates.
It aims to further strengthen solidarity and loyalty amongst the community towards the U.A.E, highlighting what it means to love this great country in an enthusiastic and practical way, and utilizing the various indications and testimonies from locals and residents alike, who together will express their love and devotion to the UAE and its leadership.
This initiative will be characterized by persistence and permanence, and will aim to give a voice to various segments of society (whether locals or residents), offering them the opportunity to express their genuine love for -and loyalty to- the United Arab Emirates, and its leaders, who are working day and night to serve the people’s best interests, making sure they have the means to develop their sense of happiness, well-being, security and stability.
This initiative works to document expressions of national love. The resulting material will serve as a platform for locals and residents to cherish, reflecting their unwavering support for the UAE, recognizing and appreciating of all, and encouraging the continuance of their important social roles and responsibilities towards the UAE, and its prosperity and security.
In preparation for the 45th National Day Celebrations of the Union of the United Arab Emirates, 44 diverse expressions of National love have been put together. The role of participants in this initiative is to create their own ways, which carry the number 45, to express their love and loyalty to the UAE and its leadership.

Key Messages
• Promoting a culture of national education amongst all members of the UAE community.
• Serving as a message of love and peace, and an invitation to all residents to promote their patriotic feelings towards the UAE and its wise leadership.
• Promoting a sincere national vision with a goal to plant a positive seed, whose growth will pave the way for a splendid present and a bright future.
• Highlighting the humanitarian and developmental role of the United Arab Emirates regionally and globally.
• Shedding light on the UAE’s culture of tolerance, forgiveness and world peace.
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