The Faculty of Arts and Sciences - University of Modern Science is the prime and the most miscellaneous academic unit in the University which includes a number of programs in the Arts and Sciences, and the best faculty members who have academic excellence and professional experience to enhance knowledge transfer and encourage analytical and critical thinking, and cooperation with the local community and with the labor market, thus contributing to the task and the goal of the university into reality plus responding to the needs of the UAE community and the Arab community in general.

The vision of the college is represented in providing knowledge and information in various fields to all university students through a series of general courses, which considered the basis for the specialized knowledge later for the student and these courses prepared in line with size of the appropriate information for the student in both Arabic and English through a distinctive teaching staff, and emphasizes the overall vision of the importance of this basis for the student so he could later accommodate specialized knowledge in his college.

The mission of the College of Arts and Science in providing students with the scientific and cultural basics needed for education plus the academic and professional training in the pre-entry to the labor market phase. College programs are designed to meet the needs of students through the formation and strengthening of intellectual and creative abilities and encourage them to think, ponder and act through graduation requirements at the university, including ultimately help to provide diverse information to students.
The overall mission focuses on the importance of the first stage of student academic preparation in order to establish the right basics for the different sciences needed to accommodate specialized knowledge which is showed through various methods covered by the general.

  1. Develop for criticism capabilities in analyzing and linking information and data.
  2. Perfecting the skills of logical thinking and methodologies of scientific research.
  3. Addressing different aspects of Arab, Islamic and Western culture.
  4. Build a distinct understanding of the moral and ethical dimensions of professional practices.
  5. Preparation of graduates to achieve professional and personal ambitions and prepare them for pursue postgraduate studies.
  6. Delivery of general courses in both Arabic and English to university students in line with various specialties and what qualifies them for the beginning of specialized education in their faculties.
  7. Provide students with basic knowledge in different areas of the society needs and other colleges needs.
  8. Secure higher education opportunities for citizens who are qualified and capable to continue studying.
  9. Activating the college role to serve the community.
  10. Developing aspects of coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities to achieve the goals of higher education particularly and the goals of development in general.