Graduation ceremony

UMS established the first modern science Graduation ceremony of students graduates from the different sections of the university and in the various programs. Under the patronage of Sheikh Faisal Bin Saud Al Qasimi. The presence of a group of media and artistic and social faces.

The Fabulous Graduation ceremony Held in Al Mamzar area were include a lot of artistic and literary sections in addition to welcoming and guiding words of students graduates.
And presented during the celebration of several Spectacular parts were as follows:
Premium gift the United Arab Emirates government and the leadership and people, which is about the operetta poetic lyric opera Titled "Oalo construction" poems of Dr. Noureddine Kaddoura and composed by the artist Radwan Nasri and the performance of a sound Salim Al zahabi .
Also gave another operetta entitled Martyrs of Emirates.
And documentary film about UMS talk University founding and its evolution to the present day.

Professor Muhammad Munir Toukhi president University of modern science give speech in which he praised the role of science and education, hoping the graduating students to be ambassadors for their university and their country the land United Arab Emirates, stressing that the scientific testimony What is the first way to a life full of challenges and that each student to their responsibilities and to realize themselves in their lives the next process, and thanked the President of the University board of Trustees chairman Rashid Al Falasi who introduced this academic edifice to be a tributary of the UAE educational edifices that have become among the most interested in the educational domain states
Student Mohammed al-Hashimi has addressed the Student Council on behalf of all his fellow graduates and said that students directing thanked Faculty and admin staff at the university for their support for all students and provide all means for them to achieve success and the collection of the best scientific and educational degrees, stressing that he and his colleagues would be a good example for their colleagues wishing to have fared every student and every hard-working graduates in their future life.


Famous proudcaster George Kurdahi gave a speech in which he pointed his pride to be in this special day in the life of these graduates in the goodness of the United Arab Emirates 
HE Mr. Rashid Al Falasi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees to delivered trophies for VIP guests and superior students at the university.
Then Sheikh Faisal Bin Saud Al Qasimi. delivered students their certificates the delivered in the presence of a large crowd of parents and guests and the teaching staff and management of the University.