UMS Makes You Feel Excellence

  1. Is the certificate I am going to hold accredited?
    The UMS is an educational licensed institution and has its own programs which are adopted and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the UAE.

  2. Are the programs offered by UMS international?
    Certainly, all programs offered by the UMS are internationally adopted and are subject to the continuous evaluation and development for the purpose of granting higher level of scientific value for its students.

  3. Do we have the competent educational staff that has the ability to offer a high level of scientific value?
    The educational staff in UMS is well trained and has the capability gained from the best educational backgrounds all around the world, in addition to their close connect with students, which enables them to reach the highest educational level with complete excellence.

  4. Dose UMS offer training?
    Under the title of "today’s students are tomorrow’s" leaders, the students of UMS finish many training stages such as interactive training sessions, in addition to several internships and agreements which are concluded and updated by UMS contentiously in order to make the students enter the job market for the purpose of the needed experience.

  5. Do we have fixed expenses? What about scholarship?
    The prices offered by UMS are competitive in the market of education, in addition to the flexibility of payment method as well, adds, the scholarship being granted to the internal superior graduates and the High School candidates.

  6. Where is UMS?
    UMS location is pretty and distinctive; it is close to the Dubai Airport. It holds edifices and wide parking in addition to many other services offered by premises such as rest yards, cafeterias, little women’s mosque, other one for men and entertainment rooms.

  7. But, why should I choose UMS?
    Our students decided to follow UMS, simply because they determined to be distinctive.