Continuing Educational Center

Continuing Educational Center

Modern Science Academy for Training and Development

Looking forward towards a bright future

The Modern Science Academy for training and development provides a package of professional courses which aim at developing and improving professional skills of trainees. Moreover, the courses aim at enhancing the skills of participants who look for excellence that comes adequately compatible with professional and practical business standards.

Hence, the courses are designed to provide the trainees with various basic know-how which is essential for them to improve their skills in the process of fulfilling the tasks required by the positions they occupy within their institutions. In addition to that, the goal of these courses is to help enhance personal and daily life skills in service of work environment and society at large.

The courses are divided into workshops, lectures, stimulations and brain storming. Later on, the acquired skills are subject to evaluation by representatives from different industries so as to authenticate the efficiency of these courses and measure their feasibility as far as work environment is concerned. We can summarize the objectives behind holding such courses at the MSA as follows:

  1. Be at the forefront of providers of distinguished and professional education and training in accordance with the local UAE culture as well as with the prevailing regional and International standards.
  2. Provide wide modern sphere of trainings along the road of the continual efforts to improve the skills of Emarati citizens.
  3. Link the training curricula to labor market and to the needs of the UAE authorities to prepare capable and trained staffs to comply with the quality standards in the country.
  4. Qualify human resources who are professionally trained to respond the requirements of the local labor market.
  5. Make the Academy come first among the counterpart training centers in the Gulf region especially in the field of modern sciences.
  6. Encourage creativity and innovation among participants in such a way as to practically improve related activities and work environment as a whole.