Chairman's Message

Since its inception in 2011, UMS has been one of the leading universities in the United Arab Emirates. Since then the university has planned to enlarge the scope of its higher education programs to meet the varied needs of the student population improve quality , and while focusing on the future with an entrepreneurial spirit. In brief, UMS has achieved a remarkable diversity of programs in a wide range of areas promoting research and scholarly activities; namely bio-technology, forensic bio-technology, business administration, media and mass communication, law, tourism sciences, and arts and sciences. As it moves forward The university will remain focused on offering the best quality of teaching and learning by updating current academic offerings, while developing new academic programs, and increasing student involvement in the university life.. Our students are very enthusiastic to create new ideas, explore different knowledge streams, and fill our classrooms with the vibrancy that stems from being an educational institution that is committed to highest standards of education.