Institutional effectiveness



As a part of its policy, UMS aims at offering the best educational services for its students who have the desire to continue their academic and postgraduate studies, in addition to adopting the best international standards in education and management fields.


Quality assurance department periodically makes the needed study in order to ensure the progress of educational process, as it reevaluates educational curricula depended by university to the students continuously in order to attain a featured service domestically and regionally.


Our main aim in UMS is reaching to a leading position that can be touched by students from the very moment of their enrollment till they graduate, that happens through a well-organized planning and constant evaluation, and hence UMS applies a set of procedures that guarantee this strategy within the frame of a clear timeline controlling the offered services educationally and administratively.


However, UMS works on studying the process of education in the country in order to go in line with the vast non-stopping development in the world of modernized education in the UAE in particular and the whole region in general.


The several departments of the university are subject to permanent control in addition to a day–by–day training for staff and administration in terms of communication with students and community in order to reflect this experience in the benefit of achieving the vision and mission of UMS.