Welcome to UMS

Modern Science University is an emerging educational institution that operates in accordance with scientific methods which have been pre-decided upon by UAE. The university always aims at the fulfillment of its goals in founding an educated generation with high competences scientifically and practically.

Modern Science University offers variety of programs: it provides scientific studies that are distinguished on the regional level in addition to other programs which come in line with Emirati society trend in business administration, literature and law. 

Since the establishment of our institution till present, our goal has been to provide students with high educational value via programs that are designed to meet their ambitions. Moreover, we continually offer training for our staff members to assure their readiness to provide scientific and research services for our dear students in different departments. 

We hope you find all required information in this website. Please be sure that the administrative staff is ready to answer any inquiry. We also welcome your valuable suggestions for developing our site to suit your preferences.