Master of Science in Petroleum Operations Management

The revolution of oil discovery made a great economic change in the world in general and in  Arab gulf region in particular.

therefore, university of modern sciences worked on including master of science in petroleum operations management because of its significant role in encouraging the citizens of the united arab emirates and residents to get the practical experience needed to analyze oil markets in gulf in particular and the whole world in general.


the master’s program focuses on providing the student with the analytical capabilities of world oil markets and their continuous price fluctuations. as it will enrich the student’s administrative education in order to occupy the highest functional positions in companies of oil exploration and marketing companies relating to petroleum world.

the existence of dubai in the heart of arab gulf gives it the opportunity to be a global center for oil operations. by result, that will be the major catalyst for those who aspire to enter the oil market for developing their abilities and get the highest scientific degrees in petroleum operations management. giant companies tend to hire potential employees who are academically qualified to occupy the best functional positions.

the master of science in petroleum operations management prepares the students practically and scientifically in order to be able to take the right decisions after analyzing all available information from different resources in the way that serves in the interest of oil and gas companies.


also, the program is a solid ground for the students who would like to complete their phd studies because it is based on accurate research studies on academic basis.


the master's program qualifies graduates to do the correct estimates of production processes at all levels and, in addition to storage and marketing.


master’s structure and graduation requirements:


the student will hold the master’s degree in science in petroleum operations management after completing 33 credit hours divided into three subjects. the period of the study is 14 months (three academic semesters).

the maximum period of finishing the master’s study is 4 years.



total of credit hours

selective credit hours

mandatory credit hours

graduation requirements




main subjects




specialty subjects