Bachelor of law program


We present our bachelor of law program for those who would like to enter labor market. In its different specialties, law plays a key in securing the legal and legitimate cover of all kinds of business, inside the one company or among many companies.

Additionally, working in the field of law is very wide in its two parts; the criminal and the civil one, especially in modern life and its complex relations.


 The curriculum accredited in the faculty of law focuses on enhancing the competencies of students through the professional practice of law. These competencies include knowledge, skills, analytical and critical thinking, using information technology and communication, respect of cultural and human diversity, communication skills, leadership skills, problem solving and other important competencies.


 We have been working on contributing to developing the modern legislations, as we have been working on expanding the base of domestic expertise including the qualified staff, which is able to implement the successful judicial and legal practice, in order to face all new cases, disputes and law studies meeting the modern life requirements.


We also have been working to encourage the process of continuous research in the field of local and international modern laws in regards to money laundry, cyber-crimes and intellectual property rights, and the need to find innovative ways to resolve disputes that arise as a result of these developments.


The Faculty of Law at the University of Modern Sciences is always working to instill consolidate professional approach in practicing the legal profession and the judiciary.


UMS Graduation Requirements:


The student will be awarded the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after completing 132 credit hours for 44 academic subjects taking four academic years or eight semesters, that are distributed as below:

  • 30 credit hours as general requirements.
  • 90 mandatory credit hours of the requirements of the major program.
  • 36 selective credit hours.
  • 3 free credit hours.