UMS & Society

Based on its deep belief that the educational process goes beyond the sacred message that UMS conveys, UMS has, since its inception, multiple humanitarian activities that sought connecting students to the community of the UAE and to its noble values, which consider giving an inseparable part of the general humanitarian concept.

Every activity that was taken by our university holds different humanitarian superb meanings which created a strong bond among all students, their families and the administrative and educational staff of the university; this bond was supposed to be as the steering power in the lovely UAE community.

As the UAE has been giving us so much, it conducts us again how to serve this community and paves the way that guarantees keeping it civilized and modern.

UMS periodically organizes multiple social activities and events where students and staff contribute by the sense of love and responsibility toward community they live in.

A visit to the Pediatrics Department in Latifa hospital:

A group of students and staff visited the pediatrics department in Latifa hospital, where they presented gifts to children and had a tour in the hospital's premises.

This visit had a pretty positive impact on the children, patients and visitors of that department where they felt the spirit of true love that comes out from the students.

The breast cancer anniversary:

The board of students organized under the supervision of UMS in the anniversary of the breast cancer an awareness campaign in the university through which some physicians and volunteers made presentations about the breast cancer and how to prevent it from happening and the possibility to treat it; as an explanation was performed to state the milestones were taken by the UAE in terms of breast cancer, in addition to many facilities.

It is remarkable that this event was sponsored by "Bake Sale"

After that, students organized a donation campaign which was devoted to the Breast Cancer Organization in the UAE.