Legal Clinic

The Legal Clinic is a voluntary practical training program at the Faculty of Law of the University of Modern Sciences. The Legal Clinic aims to serve the community in Dubai in particular and the United Arab Emirates in general by providing students with voluntary legal services and training in the legal field with the aim of linking academic knowledge with practical reality, as well as the preparation of future lawyers and judges with relevant skills and practical experience required under the auspices and supervision of distinguished professors and Faculty members of the College.

The Clinic, in particular, aims to:
- Provide legal advice to students, university staff members and the outside community who may seek for legal consultation.
- Disseminate interactive teaching methods by honing the professional and scientific skills of the students through practical and procedural training courses on the methods and mechanisms for acquiring and providing substantial legal opinions.
- Enhance legal communication skills for the services of the UAE community.
- Encourage collaborative works and services through the involvement of our clinical students with the professional bodies that provide Legal advice and consultancy services for the benefit of the UAE community.