Master of law program

The University of Modern Sciences awards a Master degree in Public Law after the student is deemed to have successfully completed the requirements for obtaining a Bachelor degree in Law which is thirty-three (33) credit hours with a cumulative average of not less than (3) distributed as follows:
- 18 mandatory credit hours program compulsory requirements.
- 6 credit hours optional requirements for the program.
- 9 credit hours Master’s Thesis.
1- Compulsory courses:
Each of the compulsory courses are divided into two sections
The first section consists of a general study of which a description is specified in the course synopsis. The student is referred to some certain references under the guidance of a Faculty member without any special class teaching.
The second section consists of an in-depth study of one of the course’ topics, which is presented by the course’ Lecturer and which has to be approved by the Department concerned and the College Council. In this section, the student receives three (3) hours per week lectures throughout the semester.
2 - Elective courses:
The student, as per his/her choice, selects courses amounting to (6) credit hours from the elective courses offered.
3- Master's Thesis (9) Credit Hours
The student shall prepare a "Scientific Research (Thesis)" in Arabic Language, in one of the topics of Public or Private law according to his or her area of specialization, provided that the thesis includes an Abstract in English, under the auspices of a supervisor from the concerned department.
Where appropriate, a second supervisor may be appointed for a student outside the concerned department. The "Thesis" may be registered only after the student have successfully completed the compulsory course of (18 credit hours).
The supervisor is appointed for the student through the decision of the College Board upon the proposal from the Departmental Board.