Prof. Ahmed Ghonim visit Education Development Fund in Egypt

In acceptance of the invitation of the Education Development Fund under the Prime Ministry in Egypt for discussing the cooperation ways with the University of Modern Sciences (UMS). Prof. Ahmad Al-Ghunaim; the rector of the UMS visited the Arab Republic of Egypt, and held several meetings with a group of Egyptian officials in the education sector. He also visited, accompanied by his delegation, some scientific and media institutions to conclude agreements of mutual cooperation that serve the students and the educational process in the university. During his visit, he met Dr. Abd Elwahab Ghandour; the Secretary-General of Education Development Fund under the Egyptian Prime Ministry, and the two sides exchanged the views and future visions for development and enhancing the education in the Arab World, and Dr. Abd Elwahab Ghandour reviewed the most important projects and models sponsored and supervised by the Fund. Dr. Ahmad Al-Ghunaim also praised the excellent relations between UAE and Egypt, and he praised the development that the education sector witnesses in Egypt and the great support that the education has in general. As well, Dr. Ghunaim pointed to the pioneering experience of UAE in the field of education which, through its clear vision and strategy, could place the UAE in the ranks of developed countries in the field of primary and university education. At the end of the meeting, the two sides expressed their strong desire to cooperate and work hand in hand to link the education process with labor markets. Dr. Abd Elwahab Al-Ghandour confirmed his desire to enter into an agreement with the University to benefit from the UAE experience in the field of education and development, especially the partnership process in the private and public sectors in the field of study.
Then, Dr. Ahmad Al-Ghunaim, accompanied by Dr. Abd Elwahab, visited Al Amirya Integrated Technical Education Cluster and some educational institutions, and expressed his admiration for the advanced scientific level of the students. Dr. Ahmad Al-Ghunaim was accompanied in his visit by Dr. Saeed Hamed, Dean of Students Affairs at the UMS.
The visit of Dr. Ahmad Al-Ghunaim received the attention of the Egyptian and Arab press, as the major newspapers covered this event. The following is the press coverage of the visit.