Club Features

The Alumni Association has the honour to welcome every he / she graduate to become spontaneous member of the Association. These members can righteously make use of all services and privileges offered by the university having registered her/his name on the Association’s page on the university website.

  1. Entering the campus and utilize specific scientific and research resources made available by the university.
  2. Providing members with travel opportunities to participate in conferences and overseas meetings.
  3. Getting discounts during trade and sport events inside the country and abroad.
  4. Obtaining support and assistance as regards scholarships and post-graduate studies.
  5. Keeping updated of modern scientific programs.
  6. Getting professional guidance on career progress and development.
  7. Participating in annual occasions held by the university.
  8. Participating in social and cultural events organized by the university
  9. Participating in the university’s sport activities.
  10. Receiving special invitations and securing seat reservation on various occasions taking place in and by the university.