Master of Crisis and Emergency Management

A Masters in Sciences Program in Crisis and Emergency Management is offered through the College of Business at the University of Modern Sciences (UMS), Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). This program is taught through the joint faculties of UMS and the North Dakota State University (NDSU). NDSU’s Emergency Management (EM) program is one the premier EM program in the United States, offering a comprehensive educational program including bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees within the field.

The program provides students from UAE and the Gulf Cooperative Council with the vision and practical tools to enhance their leadership skills within the fields of Crisis and Emergency Management. Students are provided with strong foundations in both the theoretical and applied aspects of Crisis and Emergency Management. Graduates of this program have an expanded understanding of the ideas that form the foundation of the field of crisis and emergency management, and will be able to apply this knowledge and associated skills to their professional practice.

The 1.5-year program targets both aspiring and current professionals in Crisis and Emergency Management. Available as a three semester program. The student has up to three years to complete the program.

The program design incorporates both individual and team-based learning strategies and conducts an applied research project on a topic of personal interest to the student. Candidates for this program may come from many fields, including:

Military Law Enforcement Civil Defense/Fire Public Health
Medicine/Healthcare Business Petroleum Industry Humanitarian Assistance

To participate in the program students must have the ability to speak and write fluently in English.

Prospective students must submit the required application. Those who receive preliminary acceptance to the program must then successfully complete an interview for final acceptance to the program. The application form must be completed and submitted 9 weeks prior to the expected start of the semester.

Download Master of Crisis and Emergency Management Brochure