Library General Policies

UMS Library Policies

Circulation Policies

Students (Official photo ID required to check out books)


Books: 2 weeks - Maximum of 2 checked out at a time

Books: 5 books for a month, 2 for a semester

Journals/Magazines: 1 week - Maximum of 2 journals/magazines

Journals/Magazines: 1 week - Maximum of 2 journals/magazines

Videos & DVDs - 1 week - Maximum of 2

Videos & DVDs - 1 month - Maximum of 2

Reserves: In-library use material is due back before students leave the Library

Reference Items- material is due back before staff leave the Library


Books: 1 month - Maximum of 2 checked out at a time

Resources can be reserved only when they are on loan.

• The availability of the reserved item would be informed through e-mail.
• The reserved resource should be collected from the library within 24 hours after intimation. Otherwise the reservation stands cancelled

• Books should be returned on or before the due date mentioned in the due date slips.
• Reminders would be sent to the user accordingly.

• Books can be renewed twice –
• Students - 5 more days, Faculty & Staff – 1 month
• Journals and AV Resources cannot be renewed
• Resources cannot be renewed if there is any reservation against the particular item

Overdue Notices:
• If you have overdue items, overdue notices will be sent to your email address. The first notice is sent when the item is 3 days overdue, the second notice after another 4 days overdue, the third 7 days. If items are not returned at this point you will be charged a replacement fee for the item.
• You will not be able to borrow any library items until overdue items have been returned or renewed.
• If you have a library fine you will not be able to borrow library items.

Any borrower failing to renew or return borrowed material by the due date shall be liable to pay a fine calculated on the following scale

• Books: Dhs. 5 per day
• Magazines/Journal: Dhs. 5 per day
• Recalled items: Dhs. 10 per day

Lost/Damaged Resources:
The users should replace the resource at his/her cost within 30 days. If the user fails to replace the book within the stipulated time, the Library would initiate the purchase and the user would be charged the actual cost of the resource plus 25 % the additional charge (due to freight and handling charges) depending on the type of resources.

The following policies apply to library users in all public service area:

Library patrons must show consideration for others and should behave in a manner which does not create inconvenience, offend, or limit the rights of other patrons to have access to library materials, services and facilities. Patrons should behave in a manner which does not interfere with or otherwise prevent the Library staff from providing Library services.

If the code of conduct is not observed, disciplinary action will be taken against the offender. The following standards of conduct are to be observed in the Library.

• Maintain absolute silence in the library
• Food and open drinks are not permitted in the Library. Water and covered drinks are permitted.
• Use of mobile phones is allowed in the library but the ringers must be switched off. Mobile phone conversations should be conducted outside the library.
• All activities in the library will be conducted in a quite manner to avoid disturbing other patrons
• Headphones must be used on any device that emits sound.
• Online gaming is not permitted on any computer in the library.
• Patrons are required to show valid identification upon request from Library staff
• Patrons are required to use library equipment and facilities for designated purposes only.
• Remove personal items, papers, water bottles and litter when leaving the library.

Librarian and the library staff welcomes your questions and are available for any assistance by calling: +971 4 2646504 Ext. 1300, 1310 or Email: