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College of Tourism Sciences seeks to deliver curricula that prepare its graduates with the awareness, talents and experiences that will qualify them to achieve excellence in tourism industry.


College of Tourism Sciences provides an effective learning environment aspiring for the development of students’ knowledge, skills and research and academic accomplishments according to the international standards. College of Tourism Sciences complements the commitment of UMS in the educational developmental process to enhance the role of the university in society improvement. The College is seeking through its two majors namely: the Department of Tourism Guidance and Department of Tourism Planning and Development to be an innovative tributary of UMS in supplying the regional and international job market with experts in various fields of tourism. The College is pioneering in working on the development of the UMS inherent proactive initiative to interact with the needs of tourism industry and creating innovative scientific approaches. The College copes with channels of advancement of UMS duties towards the community in light of its vision and mission that makes the College of Tourism Sciences distinguished among its counterparts in the region.

The College Objectives

To accomplish the College mission, the College team will exert all the efforts to achieve the following objectives:

1. To constitute an Advisory Council for the College from all collaborates in tourism official, public and private sectors.
2. To update faculty members on the special nature of UAE tourism to adapt their teaching methods to the history, archaeology and civilization of UAE and the region.
3. To train faculty members on all matters related to the UAE society, culture, traditions and customs to be ready to deliver the right message.
4. To upgrade the skills of faculty members to promote their scientific research activities and maintain innovation and academic accomplishments.
5. To prepare the students for local, regional and international tourism prerequisites for graduates in quest of instant occupation.
6. To provide a community service based courses, which assist graduates to meet the recreational, cultural, educational, scientific and social needs of the region.
7. To ensure sustainability of physical and learning resources to improve the range of their efficiency.



Dr. Emad Abu El Enain - Assistant Professor

Ph.D in Tourism Studies - Helwan University - Egypt - 2013


The Contribution of Airlines in Consolidating the Sustainability of Tourism

EmadEddin Abuelenain, 2014

Paper title: Developing Religious Tourism in Egypt,Case study on Sharjah, UAE.

EmadEddin AbuElEnain, Saber Yahia, Innovative Research Publication, 2015

Paper Id: ICMESS-2015-976,

Dr. Saber Yahia- Assistant Professor

Ph. D in Tourism Studies - Helwan University - Egypt - 2011