Graduation Project Public relations

 Under a generous patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Sultan Al- Nahyan, a group of students from public relations department/Faculty of media and mass communication have filmed a graduation project in Al-Ain primary care center for people with special needs.

The event came in the context of the ongoing efforts of UMS’s students to support social activities and their belief
in the significant role of the UAE in integrating people with special needs within society's
His highness accompanied students and tutors to visit different sections of the center and was briefed on the job done by people of special needs.
Moreover, his highness listened to a detailed explanation about the graduation project that UMS students are filming.Then he listened to explanation about UMS University from DR Samar Abdel Rahim & Dr Mouhannad Al amin ( supervisors of the project ) and all activities of UMS in fields of education and society
In the end, his highness received the university trophy on behalf of students and tutors supervising the project.