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College of Business Administration:



UMS College of Business Administration is the largest College in UMS in terms of programs adopted and number of associated students.


Since its inception, UMS management has been working on expanding the suitable programs to the students of different scientific levels. UMS believes in the big need to provide competent and efficient employees in the UAE market; the employees who are capable of achieving the economic advancement and growth and keeping up with the permanent need of labor market through preparing the qualified staff that is able to hold the management positions. Additionally, UMS prepares students to be competent enough to do analysis and research which consequently lead to economic growth.


College of Business Administration is prominently featured in its continuous improvement to its adopted teaching methods which completely depend on ongoing research processes, in addition to the flexible curricula in different specialties and the new teaching methods which keep up with international development taking place in the most prestigious world universities.


In College of Business Administration, we have selected elite of the best teachers who hold top academic degrees from the most famous universities around the world. Teachers give full support to our students in order to get their academic degree on the one hand, and provide them with theatrical and practical knowledge which has its impact in the world of business administration on the other hand.


College of Business Administration provides its students with a variety of programs in bachelor's and master's degrees and in various fields of business administration; analysis, administration and finance. Moreover, the fact that English is the lingua franca of communication in various operating companies in the United Arab Emirates and in the rest of the world, UMS College of Business Administration teaches its programs in English.

Bachelor’s Degree