Brief History

University of Modern sciences owes its existence to the wisdom, benefaction and philanthropy of a far-sighted visionary H.E Mr. Rashid Al –Falasy. Blessed with the insight of a skilled entrepreneur, the organizational capabilities of an executive, the versatility of a venturesome industrialist and with the qualities of leadership and organization he has laid the founding stone to the development of a prodigious university to cater to the growing needs of the region and the country on the whole. At its inception in 2010, University of Modern Sciences was called the Biotechnology University College established under the patronage of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry offering courses in Biotechnology. From a trivial college comprising of a single faculty BUC grew into The University of Modern Sciences by the guidance and magnanimity of its benefactor Mr. Rashid Al- Falasy. Under his management the university has broadened its faction and extended its panorama to include five colleges, offering a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs in Modern Sciences such as Biotechnology, Forensic Sciences, Industrial engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Business.


The UMS's academic strategy is geared to ensure that the latest technological trends and knowledge are applied to all aspects of curricula design and academic services. The various departments of study conduct seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences so as to expose learners/teachers of the University to new trends in learning and research at a global level. The University have also designed research program in collaborations with Hong Kong University giving opportunity to our students for international research and training in Histology, Molecular biology and Animal Cell Culture. Our students undertake short term training programs at the Hong Kong University thus promoting a global perspective in research and training. Also an Internal Quality Assurance Cell functions to monitor the quality of academic output and programs.


University of Modern sciences believes in empowering students nurturing and developing their skills in a state-of-the-art environment. For the purpose, new laboratory facilities in terms of space and quality equipment's have been added; smart boards, Campus wide network, high-tech class room caters to the changing needs of the learners and researchers. The University thus promotes the spirit of learning, fulfils the aspirations of enlightenment and envisages to be a genuine center of learning and culture.