Bachelor of Art in Mass Communication - Journalism

The program provides the student with a rich scientific and practical environment which paves the way to get the different fields of media and communication market.

Also, the program will prepare the student to be fully qualified in print and broadcast journalism, as it focuses on the editing, direction, and investigation, in addition to photojournalism operations. consequently, the student will have all scientific competencies and practical experiences which assist him to get different fields of the media marketplace.

UMS graduation requirements:


The student will be awarded the bachelor’s degree after completing 126 credit hours for 42 academic subjects that are calculated as below:

  • 30 Credit hours as general requirements.
  • 54 Mandatory credit hours of the requirements of the major program.
  • 9 Credit hours chose elective programs.
  • 27 Mandatory credit hours of public relation major where 6 credit hours of them represent a training program and a graduation project.
  • 6 Credit hours as free electives.