Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

College of Biotechnology is considered the leading College in the UAE, as it is the first in the field of biotechnology studies.

The College prepares its students and qualifies them with excellent skills and knowledge to contribute and compete in research and developmental work globally. The college has different specializations along with their applications in the following scientific research fields such as:

  1.      Animal and Plant Biotechnology.
  2.     Medical and Pharmaceutical.
  3.    Environmental and Agricultural.
  4.    Industrial Biotechnology.
  5.     DNA, Forensics, and Bioinformatics.
Our modern curricula focus on molecular and biological research processes, which aim at improving and developing breeds, in addition to the improvement in Livestock and agricultural products.

Our students realize that the international scientific resources are always open for them. Furthermore, the faculty members are fully competent to expand the research process involving different aspects of biotechnology, agriculture, environment, viruses, drugs, and chemical products. In addition, basic knowledge and skills in DNA analysis for undergraduate students are generally practiced by using the state of the art equipment owned by UMS. In fact, the provision of innovative technologies in UMS laboratories to study human genome mapping and analysis has led to a great revolution in this field.

Graduates of Bachelor Program of Biotechnology are competent enough to work in different scientific disciplines and research laboratories such as; medical genetics, pharmaceutics, production of drugs through genetic engineering, bacteriology, virology, agriculture, ecology, medicine and DNA analysis


UMS Graduation Requirements

The student will be awarded the bachelor degree in Biotechnology after completion of 135 credit hours (43 academic subjects) in four academic years or eight semesters, which are distributed as below:

  • 17 credit hours as general requirements, including English language, Bioinformatics, mathematics, and other general subjects.

  • 8 credit hours dealing with specialized areas in biotechnology such as medical, pharmaceutical, ecological, and industrial biotechnology.

  • 110 credit hours are the major requirements of the program, including biology, chemistry, biotechnology, immunology, microbiology, molecular and genetic diagnosis, physics, biochemistry, cell and tissue culture, drug bioengineering, genomics and proteomics, advanced genetic engineering of plant and man, molecular genetics, food biotechnology, regulatory and ethical aspects of biotechnology, research seminars and marketing and administration courses.