Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration


Master of Business Administration provides the students, who aspire to complete their knowledge in the fields of management and leadership, with the appropriate solid ground in economy and trade including administration, finance, law, accounting and capital management.

Depending on the best curricula, the program presents the wide knowledge necessary to help students develop their skills and innovation in the rapidly growing world of economy.  Where the UAE occupies a leading position because of its great interest in the scientific and analytical side of local and world economy. We provide our students with specialized practical subjects in the field of economic analysis and practical mathematics which serve in the research processes of world business.
MBA students will find out that they are in front of wide resources in business world that qualify and prepare them to make their own businesses through analyzing reality and finding the best innovative solutions that achieve high rate of growth.

Our proficient educational team transfers its academic-based experience to all students for the purpose of embodying the concept of leading labor market, where student can innovate and achieve self-assertion and the highest levels of ambition, which is the core and essence of Emirati economy.
Candidates will get the Master’s degree after completing successfully 36 hours in 3 academic semesters; each semester is 14 weeks including the examinations period:
30 credit hours as general requirements in Business Administration in different fields.

A Dissertation which is 6 credit hours covering two subjects of graduation projects on the minimum.
Selective 6 credit hours which is two subjects without a dissertation.