Master's programs - Business

Master's programs - Business

Because it believes in its slogan “Today's Students Are Tomorrow's leaders”, University of Modern Sciences has selected a group of outstanding master's programs in Business Administration which aim to stimulate the management capacity of the graduates who wish to pursue their education and keep up with the great world development in the field of researches and management.
Experience is no longer the basis of success at work. Instead, there are many important factors that steer the rudder to success, and help ambitious people to achieve their dreams of special appearance in business and administration arenas.

Master's programs were selected to cover a wide area of local and international market needs through flexible curricula that keep pace with world-class curricula in the field of Business Administration, and give the Master's program candidate a wide range of accurate analytical and cash operations. Moreover, those programs will provide the candidate with the ability to make the right decisions which serve both the interests of the private business and community.
Three semesters is the period of academic Master's study at UMS, during which students develop their skills and different administrative competencies, as they develop their English language skills which is the study language of all Master programs.
Pre-Master’s program:
UMS- College of Business Administration provides the preparatory program for Master’s students, who hold non-economic bachelor’s degrees and wish to complete their studies and get a Master’s degree in Business Administration.
The preparatory program provides the students with the basics of economics in its different specializations, and give them all information that allow them to pass the Master’s study easily and nimbly through subjects covering the most important fields of economics and required in Master’s study.
Ten academic weeks (one term) is the duration of the Preparatory Program. In case the student had studied one of the subjects before with an average more than 3.0 out of 4.0, he would not study it again.
Courses in the Preparatory Program for Master's degree:
•    Principles of Economics
•    Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior
•    Principles of Administrative Accounting
•    Principles of Marketing
•    Principles of Statistics and Quantitative Methods
College of Business Administration at the University of Modern Sciences provides the following accredited programs :

Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Health Care Management 

Master of Science in Petroleum Operations Management

Master of Science in Management Logistics and Supply Operations