Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship


UMS management has selected the entrepreneurship program due to its importance in development process which is considered the backbone of business in the uae.

internationally, entrepreneurship is defined as the development of a business from the ground up — coming up with a creative idea and turning it into a profitable business which contributes the economic growth. therefore, ums has presented this program after selecting the modern curricula carefully in order to provide the students with the science and analytical capabilities they need to achieve their objective and their ambitions to be distinctive and great business achievers.pasting

entrepreneurship program exceeds business administration study, since it targets the creative students who have the passion to reach perfection in their jobs, and those who have an inspiration for new businesses planning on a scientific basis contributing to lifting up the wheel of the meticulous economic growth.



UMS graduation requirements:

the student will be awarded the bachelor’s degree in business administration after completing 123 credit hours for 41 academic subjects taking four academic years or eight semesters, that are distributed as below:

  • 30 credit hours as general requirements.
  • 54 mandatory credit hours of the requirements of the major program.
  • 36 credit hours for business administration.
  • 3 credit hours for apprenticeship in one of the local companies or foundations.