Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Human Resources Management

Human resources management is one of the most important departments in the world of modern business administration. thus, we found at ums that it is very necessary to provide this program for students wishing to specialize in this broad area of public and private institutions management.


human resources management program is designed to provide students with full and professional expertise needed to organize and manage people in the organization through the accredited and adopted curricula serving this purpose, in addition to providing students with the full knowledge about management in general in different specialties.

The growing need to know the development stages of individuals administration (ia) has provoked us to provide our students with comprehensive curricula which focus on the business owners’ and managers’ needs to develop their capacities in personnel management in the institutions they own or manage.


our distinctive curricula in the field of human resources provide 

the students with all scientific requirements that fully address the problems experienced by companies especially in personnel section through analytical skills and assessment missions which will be acquired by the student. those skills aim at developing all aspects of work in general through the wide experience students will gain scientifically and practically during their academic journey.


at ums, our main objective has been to prepare our today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders.


ums graduation requirements:


the student will be awarded the bachelor’s degree in business administration after completing 123 credit hours for 41 academic subjects taking four academic years or eight semesters, that are distributed as below:


  • 30 credit hours as general requirements.
  • 54 mandatory credit hours of the requirements of the major program.
  • 36 credit hours for business administration.
  • 3 credit hours for apprenticeship in one of the local companies or foundations.