Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting


UMS accounting program provides those who would like to specialize in business accounting with the needed knowledge without losing sight of the importance of the other areas of business administration. in addition to the main subjects of accounting which were selected to reinforce the student in accounting field, the program adopts other flexible and comprehensive subjects which through students will be able to work in specialist business accounting in general. furthermore, the program focuses mainly on the most important scientific resources which qualify the student to have the influence in the scope of work he selects.

accounting program supplements students with skills of modern accounting methods such as budgeting, preparing the financial statements, analysis and measurement, and organizing all financial matters, in addition to evaluating the financial assets and their continuous movement.


also, the student will be provided with the skills needed to develop capital cycle and moving budgets, in addition to long-term and short-term trading transactions according to the uae (gaap) (generally accepted accounting principles) and the international financial reporting standards (ifrs).

students will also be able to apply and manage the financial knowledge in preparing financial reports by using the information system to assess the financial performance and financial reporting of economic organization both internally and externally by using the micro- operations analysis according to uae local standards and international standards.

UMS graduation requirements


the student will be awarded the bachelor’s degree in business administration after completing 123 credit hours for 41 academic subjects taking four academic years or eight semesters, that are distributed as below:

  • 30 credit hours as general requirements.
  • 54 mandatory credit hours of the requirements of the major program.
  • 36 credit hours for business administration.
  • 3 credit hours for apprenticeship in one of the local companies or foundations.