Policies for refund, add, drop, leave of absence, withdrawal, and re-admission

a) Course Add or Drop Policy
Students may add or drop courses without penalty during add/drop period each term. Students who drop classes, after add/drop period, are entitled to a tuition refund as stated below.
b) Tuition Refund Policy:
Refunds are governed by the following regulations and will be processed within 30 days of request. In the event that a student withdraws or is dismissed from all classes during the term, refunds of tuition and fees will be calculated according to the following schedule:


Refund %

First week


Second week  


Third week


Fourth week



c) Leave of Absence Policy
Occasionally, students may have to take a semester or two off because of circumstances beyond their control. Leave of absence policy is designed to assist such students. Students who have an approved leave of absence for a semester or a year may register for the semester in which they plan to return without applying for readmission.
A leave of absence maintains the student status while he/she is away from UMS for up to two semesters. Students who wish to take a leave of absence from an academic program must do so through the Dean's office or department head by completing the leave of absence form.
All requests for Leave of Absence require Dean’s approval and will be reported to the VPAA&R. If the Leave of Absence process is completed satisfactorily and approved by the Dean, and the student has cleared all financial obligations to UMS, the effective date of Leave of Absence will be noted on the student's permanent academic record. The effective date is the basis for calculating billing or refunds by
the University.
d) Course and University Withdrawal Policy
Students who wish to withdraw from all classes for the term or withdraw permanently from the University must notify the Dean’s Office in writing and indicate the last date of the student's class attendance. If notification is postmarked by the last day of the add/drop period, the grade posted will be W.
A student who fails to attend classes or leaves UMS for any reason must formally withdraw through the Dean’s Office in writing and indicate the last date of class attendance. Failure to complete the withdrawal process will result in a failing grade for the course(s). Students who withdraw after the last date to withdraw will have an F grade.
e) Re-admission policy
When a student is readmitted to UMS after a period of absence, he or she must fulfill the requirements for the class with which he or she will graduate. However, any courses previously taken to satisfy the Program requirements will be counted. A student should contact the Registrar's Office and his or her faculty advisor to determine degree requirements applicable.
A freshman student returning after a period that is less than three semesters will follow the academic policy of the University Catalog of the year of his/her original admission. If a freshman returns after more than three terms of leave, he/she will follow the academic policy existing at the time of readmission. A student who has been away for more than a year must submit a valid medical certificate.