Prepared Citizen workshop

On the 20th of April 2017, the college of Business in UMS hosted a workshop titled “Prepared Citizen”. This course was administered by SANID, part of Emirates foundation for youth development.
This course is targeting adults over 15 years of age. It is a comprehensive hand on training. The main objectives of the course were disaster preparedness, fire safety and basic first aid.
Those modules are in accordance with the standards of CERT (Community Emergency Response team) program, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Authority) , and AHA ( American Heart Association).
The main topics that were discussed are:
1. First aid kit that should be in the car.
2. Situation of the fire extinguisher at home and car.
3. Disaster kit that should be available at home.
4. Emergency numbers that everyone should be aware of.
5. Fire is our best friend and we should know how to deal with it.
6. Any fire above the knee level is uncontrollable.
7. In the situation of the first aid, the people should take care of SCENE survey. (Stop and think, check for hazards, exposure protection, no obvious risk and establish priority).
This module was attended by UMS faculty and Staff member