1- College of Arts & Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences - University of Modern Science is the prime and the most miscellaneous academic unit in the University which includes a number of programs in the Arts and Sciences, and the best faculty members who have academic excellence and professional experience to enhance knowledge transfer and encourage analytical and critical thinking, and cooperation with the local community and with the labor market, thus contributing to the task and the goal of the university into reality plus responding to the needs of the UAE community and the Arab community in general.

The biotechnology college, on the other hand, is committed to produce well educated Biotechnology graduates with a scientific background and laboratory skills to render them competent to solve problems,
conduct research, and create goods and services in the various fields of biotechnology nationally regionally and internationally. the college aims at fostering local talent within its various fields by sowing in them the seeds of scientific know-how and investigation, and thereby preparing them to take global challenges.

 3- College of Tourism science 

The College of Tourism Sciences is considered as a new era and qualitative transformation in the development and service of the Emirates society, both from the scientific point of view and process of training,
consulting and other. This pioneering move works on the development of the university and puts it in the context of its role in the authentic and proactive initiative in contact with the needs of society and the creation of innovative approaches and channels for the advancement of their responsibilities towards the community in the light of the vision and mission that distinguish UMS from its counterparts in the Middle East.