Master of Science in Forensic Biotechnology

UMS college of biotechnology presents its master’s program of forensic biotechnology, this unique specialty in the field of criminal investigation ends to serve the community and preserve it. this field of study is also characterized by its relation to the forensic criminal matters, in addition to its ramifications in the civil- penal matters.


using logic, tangible evidences, computers the most accurate evidences, especially the dna have been dramatically evolved to be the first assistant to decipher the complexities of crimes and detect the true doer of the action.

master of science in forensic biotechnology is designed to meet the needs of students who would like to develop their criminal investigative capabilities in its different sections; the criminal investigations, the forensic investigations, law and collection of all evidences and submitting it before the court. this program also prepares the student to enter the deep science of criminal investigation and police science.

This program also meets all the needs of students in the areas of forensic medicine, forensic psychology, entomology, pathology, dentistry, toxicology, forensic techniques, and criminal laboratories and criminal laws, which will move our students from crime scene to the courtroom, and they will do detailed studies for all practical stages of criminal investigation and criminal evidence. students will be also qualified in a variety of topics such as dna analysis and toxicology and trace evidence examination. as they are taught how to testify in courts as an expert witness. all that will qualify the master’s holder to reach the highest positions in this area.


UMS continuously depends on the best teachers, who hold higher certificates from the most famous universities in the world to do the process of evaluating curriculum and development.


Preparatory course of master of science in forensic biotechnology:


pre-forensic are 4 preparatory courses, 3 hours for each course. the courses are required for all new students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in the same specialization or biotechnology. also, students should pass this program with a minimum average b.


Program structure and graduation requirements:


the student will be awarded the master’s degree after completing 39 credit hours divided into 13 subjects in three academic semesters at least. each semester consists of 15 weeks including examination period as the following: 


Total of credit hours

Selective credit hours

Mandatory Credit Hours

Graduation Requirements




Main Subjects




Specialty Subjects





Total gpa must be 3 or above in order to get the award of master degree.